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Here is a brief history of how the Young Conservatives have developed over the decades:

The official youth section of the Conservative Party is known as the Young Conservatives (YCs). All Party members aged 25 and under are automatically members of the Young Conservatives.  The Young Conservatives are organised into groups geographically as part of the local associations.  We share the same policies and values of the main Party. Young people are a core part of the Party and have been for over 100 years.

The first ever group dates back to 1906 when we were known as The Junior Imperial and Constitutional League. The objectives remain the same today as they were then: to encourage political work and involvement among the next generation. Junior Associations were set up in each constituency and throughout the UK, co-operating closely with Conservative & Unionist Associations with a shared ambition to create unity.

In 1925 we were known as the Young Britons – however, due to the outbreak of WW2 – the youth wing had to close. Twenty years later in 1945 the organisation was re-formed encompassing all those aged under 30.

In 1955 the Young Conservatives had attracted a following of 150,000 making it the largest youth movement in western politics. It was successful as it bought together young people with a shared vision based not only on politics but social activity too. Young Conservatives remains social and political to date.

Whilst the youth wing has been through many changes over the past few years, and it remains a vital part of the Conservative Party.

Over the last 100 years Young Conservatives have gone onto become the future leaders of the Party. By getting involved you can help us to shape our policies, get involved in campaigning and win elections thereby keeping Britain Blue.

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